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Individual MIDI-solutions

In addition to the JORDI board, there are other individual customer projects around the topic of MIDI. Different guitarists know the problem. There is a concrete idea of how a guitar rig should work most perfectly, but the existing devices do not provide the desired solutions.

This section serves to present individual solutions of other guitarists. I will introduce further projects and describe the solutions more precisely.

Andys MIDI-Helper

A simple solution for a small, lightweight BOSS FC50 MIDI foot controller to switch scenes in the Ax-FX II.

Tims MIDI-Helper

A solution for a complex system. Depending on the preset and scene changes in the Ax-FX, parallel presets should be switched in a Hughes & Kettner Coreblade. An individually configurable solution with software editor.


If you also have a problem and need a solution, then contact me. I am sure to find a workable solution!