About the project


Fractal Audio will no longer support the MFC to communicate bidirectional with the Axe-FX III because of many new features that brings the new generation. The MFC is too old and memory is too small for many new features.

The MFC is a very great MIDI-Controller. I like it very much. My vision is to control the Axe-FX III with some limitations and use Totalsync like with an Axe-FX II.

First quick tests with an Arduino shows, that it is possible to communicate bidirectional from Axe-FX III and the MFC. The YouTube-Videos on this site (only German, sorry!) shows tests of the programming. You will see the possibilities and limitations. You will see: The MFC understands the Axe-FX III.

The Axe-FX III will be connected to the MFC-Translator via two standard MIDI-cables. The Translator connects the MFC-101 with a 7-Pin-MIDI-cable. The 7-Pin-MIDI-cable provides the necessary power for the MFC in addition to the data. It is possible to mount the MFC-Translator in your Rack near the Axe-FX III. Then you need one 7-Pin-MIDI-cable to your MFC only.

The whole project is based on an Arduino with an extension for the communications. The software translates all commands.


What is working?


Totalrecall is working with your Axe-FX III. You are able to see, which FX-Blocks are in your Preset and which one is switched on!

Preset- and Scenenames

After switching to another preset you the name will be shown in the display of the MFC. If you are switching scenes with names it will be displayed in the display too.

Tuner and Tap

Tap-Tempo will be send to the Tap-LED. Change the tempo while tapping on the Tap-Switch. Activate the Tuner via Tuner IA. It will be shown on the MFC-Display.


Control the Looper-Block with your MFC-101. Start and stop your recordings like with your Axe-FX II

What is NOT Working?

New FX-Blocks

The Axe-FX III has some new FX-Block like the Plex-Delay and many more. You cannot control them via IAs of your MFC-101. But if you are working with Scenes they will be de-/activated.

Switching channels

The Axe-FX II knows X/Y but your new Axe-FX III introduced channels. The MFC doesn't know channels. You are able to switch Channel A and B like X/Y only. But with Scenes you are switching channels too!

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